Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?

My 505/1a goes 35 at the moment, going to be upgrading to a 12 or higher..

have an expansion chamber on it and its pretty peppy for stock....

I figure that going to a 12 tooth I will get around 38.5 mph

I Figure that going to a 14 tooth (if I it can handle it) could reach 41 mph.

Think shes got enough power for the 13t?

never geared so I would have no clue how it would feel.

Re: Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?

um, she goes 35 uphill nicely....

Re: Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?

spork Guarnierius /

The bigger front sprocket will give you a higher top speed like you mention but it will be at the expense of some low end (might require a little more pedaling at starts or up hills). You should also check out what rear sprocket you have since Sachs came stock with either a 44 or a 40 tooth in the back. Just play around with the combo until you get the compromise between high and low end that you want.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you go to a 13 tooth front, you will have to grind away a little bit of your engine cases to make room for the bigger sprocket. I have done it for a 13 tooth but I would be a little wary about going larger since the metal is pretty thing there and you might end up making a whole and leaking tranny fluid. Your chain would end up being very well lubricated but leaving a trail of type F behind you might affect your handling like a James Bond type oil slick.

Going 35 up hill is pretty good for a stock 505/1a. Sachs aren't known to be speed demons (but they can be - see Nick Klaben's incredible G3) but stock they are usually rediculously reliable.

Re: Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?

I understand that a 13 T needs the case to be filed down, in my case, I have already done some case modifications to make my 15mm bing sit better in the stock 12 square location.

It would be nice to see me have a 40 tooth and be able to get the 44 tooth for a replacement at some point as well.

As for the 35 uphill, thats because I made my own Sachs Estoril Sidebled w removable back bleed.


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Re: Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?

those pics are horrid, my apologies


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before welding the nut to the back.....

Pipe is a blaster with the twin bleed. thinking of drilling and tapping a new thread to put a bigger bolt for better exhausting....

with the bolt in 35 on flats and 35 uphill with NO power loss around 9 degree + incline.

with the bolt out 37 on the flats, badass powerband !


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spork Guarnierius /

Nice, If you are getting that kind of performance on hills with just the exhaust and bigger carb, you should have no problem with the 13 tooth. Hell, if there is enough meat on the casings and you can fit the 14, give it a shot. cheaper than a kit.

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Re: Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

I am more interested in that car behind you. You race that, demolition, or what?

Re: Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?


1984 Nissan 200sx with a ka24de.... 5 speed....

Re: Could a 505/1a handle a 13t?

oh, yea we race it at a 1/4 mile track in the 4 cylinder division. just welded the rear diff, put a header on it. Motor blew a couple weeks back, was in it when we bought the car, replaced with a stock KA24DE with 30k on it.

Thats the driver right there too btw, and my custom fabricator, thats why the pipe says "Dunk"


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