parkin' peds

wife and i got our first tickets this past the mall...from rent a cops fine, just a warning...we came back to our peds and there were tickets on both of 'em...color and brand was all they could identify on them

ticket was hand written in a blank spot and said to park the peds at a bike rack...mind you this was in a paved area of the mall that is about 40 feet wide and has benches, flowers, tables scattered around...we parked next to a light post...not even close to blocking foot, no signage anywhere indicating where bike parking was

we laughed but i started thinking about it...i know i've seen bikes parked all over the place and i've never seen them get a ticket...

anyone have the same problem?

Re: parkin' peds

Brandon Compton /

i've had people yell at me but you're biggest worry shouldn't be a ticket but getting it towed away because you're on private property. owner makes their own policies regarding parking on areas that are not within so many amount of feet from the building or public road.

Re: parkin' peds

naw, they're pretty nice up there but i thought it was weird they wrote a ticket on a ped over a bike...our peds where drawing way more attention than any bikes...i would think the mall would want us around just cuz it's so "cute"

anyway they told me to move my motorcycle when i parked in a striped zone...they wanted me to move it to a different stiped zone...haha

Re: parkin' peds

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

In this city we can park our mopeds anywhere bicycles can park. Some passersby will ask about that when I park up on the sidewalk in front of the store.

Cool story bro here:

I once recieved a parking ticket, in the middle of the night, in a ghetto/suburb. My car was in my driveway with the back end over the sidewalk. I was "impedeing pedestrian access" in a neighborhood where no one walked after dark; well, except me and few other crazy neighbors.

I think it was the redneck next door with his classic hickup truck, cowboy hat and American flag. He was the self-appointed "Neighborhood Watch" captain and a military veteran that didn't appreciate long haired hot rodders next door. (edited)

Re: parkin' peds

Brandon Compton /

lol it probably was near something it wasn't supposed to be...that is what people yell at me about but that is funny the security wrote you that lol

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