metal ponies

hey when do you guys have rides? im in rhode island for a week and was wondering if it would be cool if i could ride with you guys if you had a loaner for a swoops prospect

Re: metal ponies

Hey Jordan - are you here this week? We usually get together on Tuesday's..

I'll pm you with some contact info for our El'Capi-tans.. they can set you straight (I'm an out of town Pony)

Re: metal ponies

sweet yeah im here till sunday

Re: metal ponies

Yeah come hang, we will be at Julian's Tuesday night around 8-830. PM me and I'll give you my number

Re: metal ponies

Tues July 3rd are you guys meeting this night at Julians?

Just checking as it's close to the holiday

Re: metal ponies

We're going to be meeting but talking about our rally, you're still more than welcome to come. Some may ride after, or some may go see Kendra's band play after.

Re: metal ponies

cool.... Bringing my lady up w me also... I was there 2 weeks ago with the orange moby.

cya then

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