Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

My 2011 Revival came with a flat front sprocket. I thought, cool. But recently while trying to align the rear wheel. I've had some trouble where the rear snail cams were not equal on both sides (cam that way) and the wheel not lining up. And looking at it from the rear I swear the chain looks like it is pulling to the right in the front. Thought I'd order a dished to see if it made a difference and was told by Heeters that they no longer come with the dished front sprocket...

Ordered it anyway to see if things straighten up.

Anyone else get a new Streetmate or Revival with a flat sprocket?



Re: Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

My 2011 Streetmate came with a dished sprocket. A flat sprocket wouldn't work on my bike, as there wouldn't be clearance around all the parts between the engine and the rear sprocket.

Re: Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

Thanx. I'd never heard of a R or S coming this was until today. Other than mine anyway.

Re: Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

yeah they are supposed to come with dished sprockets to help clear the fatty swing arm and rear tire.

Re: Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

this is the one i put on a motor swap to work

and dam out of stock

of but wait!!!,-Arrow,-Streetmate/

ya stock is 26,, but 27 is better faster and no more problems

Re: Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

Yesterday while on the phone with Heeters he said they are now off-setting the engines slightly in the frames so the dished sprocket isn't needed. Hell if I know- I haven't looked and like everyone else have only heard of dished on a Revival until mine.

When my sprocket comes I'll post some pics of the swap process. If Tomos has changed things it might not even fit now. But I haven't had any chain clearance issues meaning rubbing against anything. Just small things like the cams not syncing and visually the chain looks the slightest offset.

Might give Tomos a call direct.

Re: Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

FWIW I just called Tomos in SC and the guy in parts and service was clueless! I'm talking front sprocket and he's talking front disc brakes! I say no, the drive sprocket! It took another couple of minutes to find out nothing. All I wanted to know was if they were now shipping with flat, not dished sprockets as Heeters said. D'Ohhh!

P.S. My engine is indeed mounted off center. So maybe they are now shipping flats. (edited)

Re: Tomos Dished Front Sprockets No More?

i put a dished front sprocket on an engine from an A55 Sprint so that i could use it on a Streetmate frame. Offsetting the engine seems like a much better idea than dishing

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