Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

Todd Keingeshaft /

Has anyone here used Draggons Scoot 2SS 2-stroke oil? This stuff suddenly appeared on the shelves of both the local cycle shops near me. Without opening the "great oil debate" topic, I was just curious if anyone has used it...

And yes, there are two "G"s in the name.

Re: Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

I hear that riding Draggons can be dangerous... Hope you have some armor.

Re: Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

nope I never used it...poulan synthetic is my moped oil of choice.

Re: Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

John Warren IhazJawas /

just buy cheap walmart brand works great and saves money

Re: Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

Todd Keingeshaft /

I appreciate the input, but I'm not looking to switch oils, I just saw the stuff at the two shops I frequent, and wondered about it.

I Googled it, and can't find any info on it anywhere. Its like this stuff just appeared out of thin air. Oh well...

*POOF* Look, there's some now!

Re: Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Draggons oil is the chines translation for Snake oil but it's cheaper to make.

Re: Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

I've been using Draggon oil because it smells like vanilla. Like a Yankee candle shop vanilla. Pretty funny I think although it doesn't say it on the bottle it just says developed for urban riding. Still use Motul for my fast bikes though.

Re: Draggons 2-stroke Oil...?

TheReal Deal Wrote:


> nope I never used it...poulan synthetic is my

> moped oil of choice.

How does that work? I see that the bottle recommends a 40:1 mixture and there is no oil standard rating on it. I'm sorta leery about poulan these days. They seem to make shit saws, but I guess the same company makes husqvarna saws too so... They used to be quality until they sold to china.

At least the oil is cheap.

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