gimmyjimmy /


Doesn't say anything about mopeds...beside's, people propose stuff all the time. This will never make it.


chuck russo va /

this will never frecking pass, there is no way people are gonna stand for that shit


I too, doubt this will pass. However, we must all realize that we Motorcycle (and moped) operators are a relatively very small constituency compared to the rest of the voting electorate. There is a huge population 30 something soccer moms out there to whom this sounds like a very good idea. Folks, I don't mean to get political on you, but this is the face of modern liberalism: a huge, omnipresent centralized government that curtails your freedoms in the interest of public safety. This argument has been used for decades against American firearms owners with surprising success. I guess we are just the next ones on the list. All you can do is vote and maybe, send the 10 bucks you were going to spend on that case of Busch Light to the A.M.A.

Swarm and Destroy... while you still can


I don't think I can get my mopeds to go 55 mph.

But seriously folks. Email your U.S. Senator to oppose this or the parts you don't approve of. There could be all kinds of special interest groups behind this that have nothing to do with motorcycle safety.

One could be the Oil industry. Just think of the impact if gas goes to $3.00 a gallon and more people started buying and riding motocycles. Gas is almost back up to $2.00 a gallon in the San Francisco Bay area, last summer it was $3.00 a gal.

The auto industry, why buy a vehicle you can only ride during daylight hours. Gee might as well buy a car.

Helmet Industry, sells more helmets and raises prices because you have to have one. I always wear a helmet anyway.

Industries that make the equipment to control the speed and pollution control devices that would be put on motorcycles.

Just break each section down and see who might benefit from this new law.

Re:what the hell are yall talking about?

I got a pic of a shark being caught when I went to the link!!!!!!

Re:I think...

The caption says it all:


I couldn't read the article either.


Re: BULLSH*T er April 1st

We've been had guys, remember what day it is, April 1, They changed the site after they had just hooked the "last one"

Re: BULLSH*T er April 1st

I didn't get to read the article, but I do have a view on new laws. Fuck no. I want to have the ability to do all of the things my ancestors have done. So far in only my life span I have seen the drinking age raise, I have watched firecrackers go from a childs toy to a dangerous weapon, I have watched a fucking castle be erected for the courts (jefferson county courthouse- golden co.), and much more. I say hell no. I am young and I want to live my life. If everything starts revolving around the clean freak soccer moms with asmatic children then I will know I don't live in america any more. This could be and probably is another sacrafice of freedom, and I tell you I don't want to lose my freedoms.

Oh yeah to all of you clean freak soccer moms, YOU caused your childs poor health- the body (yes the human body) needs to develop immunities and antibodys so it can survive in this world filled with germs and bacteria. Take this as a lesson in life, what you may see to be bad is really something that is necessary for proper growth. If YOU eliminater that factor then YOU are responsible for stunting human evolution. thanks.


gimmyjimmy /

It's good to see people still get pissed off when government infringes in our two wheeled world...

even on April 1st.

freedom isn't free.

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