Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

Hey all,

Totally new to mopeds, although I've admired the vintage ones for some time. I actually took my first ride yesterday as I test drove from a craigslister.

He says it is a 1950 ITOM. Could a 1950 be in this good shape? I am not finding much information on ITOMs, so if you know something about them, reply please.

What do I want to know:

1. Where can I get info. on ITOMs? I see a "History of ITOM" on a google search, but not too much more.

2. Totally ignorant here, but, do mopeds take oil or is it a mixed fuel like a chainsaw has?

3. What if I didn't get a bill of sale or papers of any sort, what is needed for a MI registration?

4. The tires say, "ciclomotre" on them, they are in excellent shape, they can't be original can they?

Good looking bike anyway.

Thanks for your help,



Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

Probably Fred /

Looks like a 1970s not 50s moped

If it runs good (30 mph or so )and is reasonable priced (100-400)

I'd say ya

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

ItToPu 500 /

That's what I'd guess on the year as well. I bought it for $420. Seems to run well.

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

$420 might be a bit much for a ped that you know nothing about.

you even said the seller did not know the year (easy to find via the vin number on the frame). Oh well you will learn. that ped looks pretty sweet though, that engine kinda reminds me of a v1 or maybe even more like a sachs

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

this might help answer your question LINK

not how sexy the 1950 itoms... note how the one you posted looks like a generic 70s moped.... logic of deduction would say that one isnt a 50s

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

1. I don't know anything about ITOM bikes that new, It's possible its a re-badge, which was very common on bikes like that.

2. Oil is mixed with the fuel, a 40:1-50:1 ratio would probably be about right.

3. Get the seller to fill out a bill of sale, you want this at the very least.

4. They may be the original tires, It may be best to replace them before you put too many miles on the bike. Replacement tires are inexpensive.

Here is a little info.

1973 - Itom ceases production of their own engines and adopt Franco Morini engines for the whole range. Itom is no longer a real manufacturer, but more an assembler of motorcycles.

1973 - New range presented in December at the Milan Motor Show includes two 125cc models. one a street-scrambler with F.Morini engine, the other named Cross Competition with a Zundapp unit, but both remain prototypes. All 50 production models now have Franco Morini engines.

1975 - End of production: The venture into medical compressors and water-heaters was a financial disaster and the losses led to the closure of the motorcycle division.


Here is a bike like yours that claims to be a 1976,2806218,2806218 (edited)

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

ItToPu 500 /

Thanks Grey, and everyone else!

Your information has been helpful. The 76 you showed me is exactly like mine besides the color and seat.

When I asked the guy who sold it to me about oil, he said he didn't know, and he's been puting plain gasoline in the tank. How bad is that not having the 50:1 ratio?

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

ItToPu 500 /


I found some numbers on the lower portion of the front steering stem.

It looks like: I GM 1384 U

Is this all? Where do I type this into? Car VINs are 17 characters long.



Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

Probably Fred /

Not running oil now your engine is junk

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

That is without a doubt a mid-70's moped NOT 1950's but we have all established that. As far as plain gas in the engine....if you can get it running, mix it with the two stroke maybe it is not damaged forever.

I'm just going to repost the follwing text i used in the recent 76 PACER thread becasue this looks like it's probably a morini which would use the same ratio:

Basically what you want to do is mix roughly 4-6 ounces of two cycle oil into one gallon of gasoline. Use a gas can and shake mix it well before putting it in your tank. The reason i say 4-6 is the pacer manual says 6 and the morini engine manual says 4 so anywhere in between should be fine.

I am also a Pacer owner and this is what I use. Starts every time. You can find the two stroke oil in any auto store. If you are looking to change the engine oil at some point, SAE 30 (non-detergent = ND) is recommened for summer months, and SAE 20 (ND) for the winter which I've only been able to find at Walmart.

Re: Rookie Mopeder-help/advice requested

ItToPu 500 /

It was running fine, I added the 2 stroke oil, but recently it will start and run a little then cut out. Nothing is frozen. Could this be because of that guy puting regular gas in it or is it something else. I am going to replace the spark plug to cancel out that variable.

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