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david f martin /

Hello folks.

I guess I haven't posted since my bike got stolen last year (along with several hundred dollars of musical equipment, AND my checkbook)... My main transportation... that kinda got me down. I've occasionally checked on the forum, just to see what Ree's been thinking about lately.

Anyway, I got a new set of wheels about a week ago. It was in good shape, from the original owner, and runs like a top. It tops out at 35, but gets there pretty quick. It'll even do a burnout (holding the front brake, no weight on the bike)!

It has better brakes, better suspension, and more pick-up than my old Yamahopper. Only problem is... its a Honda Elite 50SS. A scooter.

But I'd rather stay on this list (mopedarmy). I don't want to go on the scooter list. Those guys are a bunch of gay homosexuals, unlike you g... Hmm... Um, never mind.

Just kidding :) (april fools?)

I still don't want to go to the other list, though.

david f martin

Re: New Snail Lover

Just check in with the Snail-lovers,Rog-NC and Jim C.,and,it pains me to say it;Ike.There's other closet dwellers out there too.We're not'll be back on a true steed before you know it.An Italian Stallion like my Sebring,Dave.

Re: New Snail Lover

Matt Wilson /


Is the 50ss the restricted "moped legal version" or the unrestricted model.


Re: New Scoot

Join the scooters, " not that there's anything wrong with it "

Re: New Scoot

mike hartel /

matt theres a elite s and elite sr if any one has one thats 94 up i biuld race scoots and my 2000 elite s goes 60! just post about scoots and ill see it.

Re: New Scoot

david f martin /

This one is an Elite 50S (sorry about the extra S earlier). According to the owner's manual, the 50 was limited to 30mph and the 50S was limited to 38mph. Mine is an '87, and it tops out at 35 (level ground, downhill, doesn't matter). It has 3300 miles on it, and I don't believe the cylinder head has ever been cleaned, so I believe it can go a little faster.

On my way home from work, a couple of kids on a 2k Tomos pulled up next to me at a stoplight and asked if I wanted to race! I think they were just kidding (and besides, I was in a hurry to get home and it wouldn't be a fair race with the both of them on that Tomos), and I pulled away pretty quickly. Maybe tomorrow...

Also, I saw a Tomos Revival on the way home, going the other direction. That's what I had my heart set on a few months ago, but couldn't come up with $1500 at the time.

Actually, I kinda like my new ride, though it took a little getting used to.

david f martin

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