Come OUT and Play Ruled.

i Loved Riding thru Times square, <3Brigsby/Lindsay (wonkyDOG/awesome)

Albo thanks for hosting us too. i'm still living in 2008. Tom, Mickey say's Hi. when your done with your career come lay back to waste in Central Mass.



i have none ):

mike i took a good dude but photo with your cam cam

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

Yeah it did. so cool.

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

I got some decent video riding dubs on WillD's Express SR. I'll try and edit some of it in the next few days.

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

yeah dudes. rally was a fucking blast. rad parties, radder mopeders, raddest radradradradrad. thanks lindsay/whole mission 23 crew + pete, ari, and all the other second stroke people. i couldn't have chosen a better rally/shop to break down at. completely retuned my bike within hours bc i could go in every 5 minutes asking for random tools and parts. also thanks to everyone who helped/inquired about the moby, particularly angelique, matt, aaron, quinn, and those old heads from mass. most seriously couldn't have resolved any of that shit without you guys. super grateful. so many gracious, awesome people at this rally! the combo of fixing/retuning my ped + midnight ride to times square + dance party was the best day i've had in a pretty long time. HI EVERYONE I MET AND PARTIED WITH BUT DIDNT MENTION. I LIKE YOU. COME HANG WITH US IN PHILLY! (edited)

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

Riding through Manhattan is crazy and fun, I met so many awesome people this weekend, and I've had so much fun that I'm still here. Love you guys!! Hope to see everyone in a month in Providence!!

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

SABAT! andDestroy /

ugp is looking for his glasses, if any where found at lindsay's or albo's

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

Thanks guys. Glad everybody had a good time. We had a blast ourselves!

I haven't seen any glasses but I haven't really looked either, or even been at home very much. I'll keep an eye out.

I'm tired.

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

I have a few items at my place that may be of interest to people. A pair of glasses are one of those items :)

Shoot me your address and I'll put them in a hard case and drop them in the mail.

Also found:




lots of socks. like 6 pairs.

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

Hey, I left a Grande seat in grrrrreat shape at Second Stroke. It's in the front room somewheres. You guys can keep it for hosting such a killer rally.

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

RADD FUCKING RALLY!!! thanks to everyone who hosted and hangout. whoa.

Thanks again for Ari and Albo for letting me crash on short notice.

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

Thanks to all ya'll for helping us New Yorkers enjoy our Scooter Picnic! Good times

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

You guys host a dope as rally, those on/off ramps and bridge blasting sessions were epic. Thanks for all your hard work with chase, cooking, hosting, bar tending, fixing, preparing, and dancing! Now come play in philly!

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

thanks Lindsay, If you want hand them off to one of the Metal Ponies.

Ill see them soon. Ill send an Address if you dont catch up to them.

Thanks M23

Re: Come OUT and Play Ruled.

Sabat, did you hype the worcester rally??

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