Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

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I ride between 5-20 miles a day, especially since my truck is on the injured reserve list. They do like to run, so fresh fuel is a huge plus. Once you get shit tight it is not an issue unless the roads suck like they do where I live. Never a bad thing to tighten things up once a month. I take the bus in the rain though, Hobbit fender not good enough to keep water off engine. Motobecane made front fenders right! I add one ounce of sea foam to every gallon of pre-mix I make. No carb issues ever. Most I ever put on in a season was 6,800 miles, on a 50v. Only things that needed replacement were both brake cables and rear tire as I rode doubles a lot. These bikes were made to run, sitting does more damage than running. If Hobbit sits longer than a few days it is harder to start. Always does though. When you put them up for winter, drain carb, then try and start it until it will not even pop. This takes more than you may think. Let it idle until it dies, then do it again. then do it again until it will no longer even start. I have been doing this for years, and I have NEVER not had a no start in the spring! :) I used to use stabil, no complaints. Had hobbit sit 3 yrs once, (with dry carb) and full tank. Fired up the second time, ran for shit until that fuel was gone, but ran. 2 oz stabil for extended storage of a full tank. 2oz per gallon for more than a year of sitting. I have been riding since '98 and never had a no start in spring. Never. Just saying. Hobbit is still my most reliable bike. It just runs. Always. If you have a station that offers ethanol free fuel, buy it. I do it costs a fortune, but small engines love it! Best of luck!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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