daily runners, how much mileage?

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Well, I will tell you. the troubles and tribulations of a daily runner, as re counted by myself first hand, as it was revealed to me as I was stareing down at stripped crank threads on the hercules.

now, I do not even have a 9-5 job, i noticed the mileage on the 2 month old VLX, which has only been running daily maybe 4 weeks and i had doubled the original miles of 1010. astonished at the rate of which miles are being piled up on the minty NIB like VLX. i checked the miles i put on in one day of typical runaround here in my locality.

OMG, i put like a hundred miles on a freakin day

Daily Runners what is your daily average?

p.s. now i have to keep up the maintaince scheduale re grease and tighten down everything on a month by month basis

i think i wore out a belt already.

i can not wait to get the bats on the road to share the load.

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

Mileage is a funny thing if you ask me. I have had several bikes you could ride thousands of miles, without servicing at all, and then several you couldn't get 10 miles on without any issues. For the most part, once you get the bike "set" which you have if you went 1000 miles in a week. You should find that you will get many more miles than the suggested maintenence intervals. I would keep a spare motor laying around if you are counting on this thing getting you to work.. On a side note, My roomate rides a cheap chinese scooter 50 miles/day to work. It has 14,000 miles on it. it is stock and running fine.

but long story short, yea, you are going to do more maintenence. wheel greasings, brake pads, exhaust build-up, and belt wear will plague you. But once you tighten everything down a couple of times it won't rattle off again. You shouldn't have ANY carb issues, they like being run all the time. Belt tension is extremely important for you. and try to use your brakes fully or not at all. the slide to a stop style of braking will have your pads glazed in no time.

Good luck to you sir. I definitely have put 5000-6000 miles on a kinetic tfr in one summer. I think I only had 1 break down issue. but hardly any maintnence. after it was all set in place.

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

I ride mine nearly every day that it's not raining, Aprilish until early November. I usually get around 5000 miles in a year. It's a Tomos A55 and has been pretty reliable. It was new in 2008. Aside from flat tires, I've only broken down twice. The first time it just about a mile from home. I pushed it home and found out the problem was the spark plug wire. I pushed the ends firmly into the sockets and it's been fine ever since. The second time, a little piece of metal broke on one of the clutch segments, where the pin goes, and the 1st gear clutch would not release at idle. I have not yet needed to change piston rings. Great reliability and service life for a little 50cc engine!

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

Probably Fred /

4-6,000 miles a year but spread over several bikes. Being off from work since feb and good weather I rode over 4,000 mi already but where I live "around the block" is over 10 miles

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

I just checked. I've put 1331 miles on my favorite daily driver so far this month. Back and forth to work every day, to the store and back, to the gym, fishing trips, you name it. Last month was around 1000 or so.

I have a Gila Puch and I blast everywhere because I live in the middle of nowhere.

Starting in the beginning of may, my failures are:

1 fouled plug -Still breaking in my new cylinder.

1 blown clutch/grooved bell

1 blown condenser -Don't buy effe condensers. It blew in 7 miles.

1 blown exhaust gasket -Caught that immediately after exhaust nuts vibrated loose.

2 lost engine bolts -Must have rattled loose. Loctite all the things!

1 broken fork -Popped the welds on the lower triple tree when I hit a bump in the road. Rewelded it no prob.

1 destroyed small end bearing resulting in a scored cylinder -Ouch! Luckily gilas are now available.

Not bad for riding everywhere over 2 months. I would've probably have been better off if I rode conservatively or rode a stock bike, but where's the fun in that? Actually I think they were all kit related failures except for the condenser. Go Bosch or you won't get home.

On a daily driver, Loctite is your best friend.

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

@ J.r.~Oh gawd I hate ta even think how many miles the g-3 has on it after 14 years of hard riding ; Let's see so far I've worn out 9 rear tires and 4 in front and 5 chains so far as well and in milage well I've been to the Moon and back once !~And the ol'Trooper just keeps Puttin along .(PS) 3 sets of brakes and the front berings went out 3 weeks ago !~And a Partage in a Pear tree ~ (edited)

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

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I ride a stock 504 1A everywhere! I would say I put close to 1000 miles a month give or take. With usual maintenance, I havn't seen any issues. She's slow but very reliable. I did have to replace the piston and rings a while back though(User error!).

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

I ride between 5-20 miles a day, especially since my truck is on the injured reserve list. They do like to run, so fresh fuel is a huge plus. Once you get shit tight it is not an issue unless the roads suck like they do where I live. Never a bad thing to tighten things up once a month. I take the bus in the rain though, Hobbit fender not good enough to keep water off engine. Motobecane made front fenders right! I add one ounce of sea foam to every gallon of pre-mix I make. No carb issues ever. Most I ever put on in a season was 6,800 miles, on a 50v. Only things that needed replacement were both brake cables and rear tire as I rode doubles a lot. These bikes were made to run, sitting does more damage than running. If Hobbit sits longer than a few days it is harder to start. Always does though. When you put them up for winter, drain carb, then try and start it until it will not even pop. This takes more than you may think. Let it idle until it dies, then do it again. then do it again until it will no longer even start. I have been doing this for years, and I have NEVER not had a no start in the spring! :) I used to use stabil, no complaints. Had hobbit sit 3 yrs once, (with dry carb) and full tank. Fired up the second time, ran for shit until that fuel was gone, but ran. 2 oz stabil for extended storage of a full tank. 2oz per gallon for more than a year of sitting. I have been riding since '98 and never had a no start in spring. Never. Just saying. Hobbit is still my most reliable bike. It just runs. Always. If you have a station that offers ethanol free fuel, buy it. I do it costs a fortune, but small engines love it! Best of luck!

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

Oh, Honda turns in aprox 90 mpg with my 190 lb ass on it! Bone stock, goes 30-32 stock as hell!

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I ride 25 mi/day commuting. I have done this for over 40 years and the inconvenient truth is that the less mods you do to the ped, the more reliable it is.

I still ride a kitted ped to work some days without incident, but I try nt to push it.

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

Sadly the world may never know... My bike and I have both forgotten how many. too many to count. I'm thinking near a googol plex.

As Described Here

Re: daily runners, how much mileage?

I do 40+ miles daily.

Work near industrial area where the trucks jack up the road.

Find myself re-torquing the cylinder head, exhaust bolts & intake once or twice a week.


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