Looking for horn recommendations

Daniel Skorupka /

I have a homemade electric moped that needs a horn.

I am considering a number of options, in order of increasing power.

Ding bell, for bike paths and pedestrians, <85 db

little electric horn like a normal moped, 90 db

"serious" electric horn 100 to 105 db

air horn, considering airzound, any others worth mentioning? 115 db

surplus horn ex 1980s buick, 120 db

LRAD area denial beam 152 db

ex soviet military stirling cycle thermoacoustic engine from project Jericho 167 db @ 30 hz, make yourself heard on the nuclear battlefield

Re: Looking for horn recommendations

♣Slew Foot♣ /

i have an old SP-12 sampler, i always wanted to get a semi locking up its brakes and an airhorn on tape so i could turn it into a midi or digital mp3 to run out a small 70s battery operated PA rigged on a ped.

Re: Looking for horn recommendations

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

As I have said many times, I just throw a spark plug at them if I need to get someones attention

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