'78 Hobbit in need of turn signals

Alonzo Branson /

Well, local pawn has a 1978 Hobbit for sale--only 110 miles on the odometer, and is in GREAT shape! But, I noticed it didn't have turn signals on it; was that common on mopeds at that time? Now, I can do hand signals, but I was just curious if anyone out there had a similar situation and was able to rig turn signals for it?

As always, forgive my ignorance, and thanks for any help you can provide!

(If I'd had money on me when I saw it today, I'd have driven it home!

Re: '78 Hobbit in need of turn signals

You can get a set of cat-eye signals for it. Ask in buy/sell forum.

Re: '78 Hobbit in need of turn signals

William Johnson /

They didnt start putting signals on hobbits until at least 1981 I think, you could tell because it has a battery. As Stephen said, you can wire up some cat eyes to it.

Re: '78 Hobbit in need of turn signals

I have seen low miles on a hobbit, then I go to check the front wheel and notice there is no speedo cable >;D

but still if its in nice shape, who cares what the mileage is!

Worth <$300, hopefully around $100-150 or pay what you want if you really want it.

make sure its got a title too, otherwise its worth less ! And if its a pawn shop who knows they could've rolled it back, it takes forever to do though

Re: '78 Hobbit in need of turn signals

I treid wiring turn signals...but the output of the Hobbit can't handle much more than the tail light and headlight. Your best bet is something battery powered...although hand signals are fine IMO.

Re: '78 Hobbit in need of turn signals

^true, headlamp is lame compared to 50v, I have only ever had cat-eyes on a motobecane, they worked very well. You don't really need them, but I understand wanting them, if you really feel the need, get a newer Hobbit that had them stock, you get cdi with that model too.

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