OT I guess. Honda Ct200, Ct90, C100

A guy is interested in buying my old Hondas, but i dont know what kind of value to place on these, so any help is appreciated.

Yellow Ct200

Locked engine, no rear wheel, parts bike.

Red Ct90

Turns over, good compression.

Was told it would run with a new battery.

Red/silver C100

Incomplete, good compression, got it to spark once.

All these bikes will need work, some more than others, I just don't have any real interest in doing it.

I need some new moped goodies, so what kinda price should I put on these?

Re: OT I guess. Honda Ct200, Ct90, C100

Zeke Rigg /

ct200 -i wouldn't pay money for it. so probably around 50-150 to some one who wants one.

ct90- they lied it needs more than a battery in fact it doesn't need a battery. clean the carb and see if it runs if not then 50-300

c100 so it doesn't spark? 50-300. again clean the carb.

these things running are around 400-1800 depending on condition and if you have titles. so try cleaning the carbs and putting fresh gas in. its 15 min of your time and can be worth a couple hundred dollars in sale prices. and there is a good chance that ct 90 will run with a carb cleaning and fresh gas if it has spark..

ps i assumed you have titles. not having one will knock 25-100 dollars off those prices.

Re: OT I guess. Honda Ct200, Ct90, C100

Shit. Forgot the pictures. I don't know anything about these really, picked them up thinking Is do something with them, now I realize I'm just not 'into' them, Is rather have some 2 stroke fun. No titles, but that's really a non issue in Kansas.


Re: OT I guess. Honda Ct200, Ct90, C100

yahoo groups has a big following post it there as well

although the ct200 has seen better times someone will love it - stuff the wiring in - take off the ratty seat and prop up the rear with an spare rim - add some mmo and let it soak till you sell it - the ct200 pushrod motors usually free up - 200 in parts alone -

ct90- it does need a battery to run - it will run easily w/ almost no work or $ spent - you could set the points - adj tappet clearance and clean the carb half assed if you want - sans headlite but has the key ! '68 ohc + leading links - its a really fun bike - pulls like a tractor in the four trail gears - does about 50 w/ four road gears - 300 in parts as is not running or 450 - 750 running

And my favorite - the Cub c100 pushrod all iron motor - sounds like a husqvarna chainsaw at 9k rpm - magneto spark - will run w/ out a battery but you'll blow bulbs - only needs battery to stabilize the lights - clean the points and you will have spark - rattle can it - clean the carb - tappet clearance should be fine unless it has more than 4k miles - simple to adj though - again this is a really fun bike - i've had plenty of them - stupid i let them go - 200 in parts as is not running 350 - 550 in decent running shape

will d and jack C here on m/a know these bikes inside and out as well -

email me if you have any questions


Re: OT I guess. Honda Ct200, Ct90, C100

Thanks a bunch! We'll see what he has to say.

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