new toy , way cool ,got it running , pictures

Double Trouble Dan /

new toy, way cool, got it running, lots of pictures

I bought a 1966 solex 3800 for $40 at an estate sale. After a day of cleaning and rust removal , I got to the mechanical problems. The front tire was flat and a big bulge in the sidewall. took off old patches an re-Patched the tube and tire with radial patches. Filled the gas tank and it leaked all over. Came to find out that there was no gas line from the tank to the fuel pump. Also found out that the fuel line fittings are 9 mm. Non existent. I had a piece of 3/16 steel brake line with 10 mm fittings. Bought a 9mm die off ebay and cut the fittings down to 9mm. bent the pipe and flared the ends. Twice, cause I messed up the first one. Tried to ride the bike and no start. Got out my drill put a socket on the flywheel nut. Checked the spark with my plug grounded and , no spark. Took off the flywheel cover and can see the points through holes in the flywheel.

Got lucky. Filed the points , sprayed them with contact cleaner. SPARK!!!! Bought a ngk b6hs. Good move.

Put the drill to the flywheel and the bike fired right up. Went for a ride and It ran slow until the carburetor cleared after a half mile or so. Lots more adjusting ,But I just got back from a 5 mile ride. I still need some parts , But not bad for a $45 investment. Here are some pictures.

I still need help getting the compression release to work . Not sure how it works. It might be stuck. The bike still needs a flywheel cover, the engine nerf bars, a couple fender supports, a front tire, the seal for the tire pump, a headlight assembly , and a few nuts and bolts.

Re: new toy , way cool ,got it running , pictures

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Brian Solex is the person that you should get in touch with.

Re: new toy , way cool ,got it running , pictures

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

If you had Solex in your title, he would have found you.

Re: new toy , way cool ,got it running , pictures

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

I've always wanted a Solex.

Nice score.

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