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Trent Stakelin /

I need help putting a new pedal chain on my puch. Are there any tutorials or videos online to help show me how to do this. I already looked around the mopedarmy site and the wiki and found nothing.

Please, no smartass remarks.

Re: puch chain

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

What's so hard? Have you counted the links? Have you found the master link?

Pop off master link, take off chain. Put on new chain, compress tensioner, add master link, release tensioner.

Re: puch chain

It's okay, I was confused by this too at first. Just google "how to remove a master link" and you should be able to figure it out. If you need to remove links, you can get a chain breaker for the pedal chain (not the drive chain!!) from Wal-Mart or pretty much wherever else.

Re: puch chain

Patrick Keaton /

If you need to remove a link, and do not have the right tool, you can use a cement and/or concrete nail and a HAMMER.You may have to file or grind the tip of the cement nail, or just use a punch, if you have the right size, or file or grind the punch, if it is not the right size. It might take some time to get the rivet to start to move, so do not think it must move real fast. Make sure both sides of the link have the rivet exposed the same amount, if you hammer the rivet back in place. One or two pairs of needle nose vise grips may help you in doing that, depending on what method you choose to use.

Re: puch chain

For one you make no since, for two you ruin about everything you touch for there was already a chain on the puch when you got the fuckin bike, and for three if you can't figure out how to put a peddle chain on your not a real fucking man.


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