NJ title issuing woes... Long Story but lucky ending

Listen guys I left at 5am this morning to get to the DMV in Lodi to get a title for this 1980 Silver Bullet I bought in NY 3 days ago which never had a title (predates titles issued in NY). So I made sure to get all the paperwork for issuing out of state purchased vehicle title issue request, was sure to fill out everything and take pictures of the vin tag, the speedo, and make sure to get a notarized bill of sale. Also of course, I had a current NY registration that said "transferrable" on it. It was filled out on the back, and was good until 2013. I made sure for the past two days I had all documents, every thing i needed to file for a new title, since the moped was never issued a title to begin with...

Also, I had a spare license plate and insurance card switched over to this new moped 2 days earlier. Bike was ready to go. Just needed a new jersey issued title and registration.

I sat outside for an hour while they refused to open the doors. Once they did I was put in a line called "titles" where i had to wait for 45 minutes.

When 45 minutes passed I was called up to a nice woman up front behind the desk wanted to help me best she could. I gave her all documents, i didn't realize i forgot to get the bill of sale he made and we signed notarized so I was told I had to come back with a new one that had a notary signature, stamp, and seal.

In a desperate move, I drove at 8am to the closest bank of america 1.4 miles away which didn't open until 9:10am. When I got in they told me the notary wouldn't arrive until 11am so I waited. 11:15 rolled around and the notary talked to me. She said she could only notarize MY signature, but I figured that'd be better than nothing. She wrote that on the bill of sale.

Back in line at the DMV this time for 2 hours, so around 1:35pm because of MY stupid mess-up. Lesson learned from my error is to always use a notary when doing a bill of sale to CYA.

Only, this time the friendly woman takes all my documents, my pictures, my NY TRANSFERABLE Registration, all proofs of insurance, Bill of Sale, etc, and goes into a room to verify with her supervisor. Ten minutes later the supervisor comes out and says "the best I can do is give you a motorcycle title."

Oh shit.

I dunno what to do. I stay strong, and say I cannot accept that answer. The vehicle fits under "moped" status according to NJ regulations, it has pedals, under 50cc, is insured by an insurance company as a MOPED CLASS. I tell her I do not have a motorcycle license, and cannot afford insurance, also the moped cannot pass motorcycle inspections since it is not rated as a motorcycle.

She replies: "The NY registration lists the vehicle as a motorcycle, the best I can do is that." I tell her for NY state they only class 2 wheeled vehicles as motorcycles, there is no such class as moped. She gets louder at me and tells me theres nothing she can do. I ask to see my documents to show her the NY registration class. She gets mad and walks away with my documents.

The first woman behind the counter who helped me is quiet until the supervisor walks away, i tell her i am sorry to make a problem but I am adamant about this as I know it has been done before, others do this, there should be no issue. Just because NY classifies mopeds as motorcycle classes A and B on a registration card doesn't mean new Jersey needs to keep it motorcycle. After 15 minutes of me waiting for her supervisor to return I apologize if i seemed rude, or stern, I just needed to clarify what I am aware of. I let her know I have researched this state transfer before, and there is a method to it and the end result is a nj moped title.

Suddenly her face changes from an angry scowl to a smile as she is looking at the picture of the 1980 Silver bullet vin badge written in Slavic, she asks where this bike is made, and where did i get it. I pause for a minute and she says "I am from Yugoslavia" and asking me why I have the bike.

I tell her I enjoy tinkering with mopeds and feel a connection to the simplicity and enjoyment of getting around slowly on two wheels.

She goes back in that room with all my documents and comes back 5 minutes later to tell me she'll need to keep the original documents i brought and hands me a fresh new 1980 NJ Moped Title, and registration card.

She says thanks and I wave at the first woman who helped me to thank her. I leave the NJ Lodi DMV to hopefully never have to return.

TL;DR: DMV will only issue me a motorcycle title for my 1979 tomos, as I am at whits end, the supervisor reads the vin tag and immediately changes to a happy enthusiastic person who happens to be from Yugoslavia and suddenly has a change of heart, issuing a moped title in 5 minutes time.

Re: NJ title issuing woes... Long Story but lucky ending

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Actually they are idiots because NY does NOT consider a moped a motorcycle, it is just a name they assign it "limited use motorcycle". It is actually considered a recreational vehicle. If you ever have to go through this again, bring a printout of the page from the NYDMV that describes the moped classifications and it will become clear to even the most moronic beaurocrat.

Re: NJ title issuing woes... Long Story but lucky ending

Tri-ped Dave, I was not expecting this to be the issue at all, i mean I came there thinking I had covered every conceivable potential issue FOR NJ. I didn't think i'd have to clarify NY Classifications to a NJ DMV "expert" in order to issue a NJ title.

damn. Now I know. It cost me 80 dollars to issue a title, registration card, and tax on the sales.

Now the 'ped is leaking tranny fluids.

Re: NJ title issuing woes... Long Story but lucky ending

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

A Tomos that leaks, how unusual!

Re: NJ title issuing woes... Long Story but lucky ending

haha, too bad tomos is from Slovenia.

sometimes from the netherlands.

glad she bought the story, grats.

Re: NJ title issuing woes... Long Story but lucky ending

any moped that leaks is normal.

Re: NJ title issuing woes... Long Story but lucky ending

umm you do know that Slovenia was part of yugoslavia until the fall of communism...

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