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Christian Levi /

Hey guys,

I'm just getting into this, and loving it. I know it's an opener post and I'm sure I'm a noob, but I didn't see the answer to this in the posts.

I just bought a Puch, and I want to let all of my friends in my household ride it. i.e. my 4 roommates. Is there liability for that? I obviously don't expect them to damage another vehicle, but is there liability for myself if they ride it. Or can I just write up a contract of course saying, they can ride it, but they must be responsible for damages totaling the full value of the bike?

Also, on a quick and separate note. I've seen many seats online, and I'm looking for this one in the file attached, or as close to it as possible, can anyone link me to what exactly it is or where I could find one for sale?

Thanks all, and I look forward to bein' part of the army.



Re: Friends riding your bike

That looks like a stock puch seat slammed (spring and hinge removed from the pan) with the foam shaved down. Did the same thing on my Series B.

Re: Friends riding your bike

Letting your friends ride it in CA without the proper license would be bad...unless you want to get it impounded. As far as need to check with your insurance agent to see what the implications are.


Re: Friends riding your bike

With mopeds, you often just hack and wrench until things work. especially when it comes to aesthetics. Really though, if your friends are honest guys they will pay if they break something.

Re: Friends riding your bike

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

Letting your friends ride your moped is a great way to get rid of both.

Re: Friends riding your bike

Christian Oland Wrote:


>I just bought a Puch, and I want to let all of my friends in my household ride it. i.e. my 4 roommates.

you really don't want to do that. it's a motor vehicle, not a Wal-Mart beach cruiser.

Re: Friends riding your bike

friends dont let friends drive mopeds

Re: Friends riding your bike

Aside from the vehicle laws, I don't think it's a great idea. I let a friend ride my honda express back when I had it and he ruined the rear fender (hes a bit on the large side). Also while he was riding, it broke down. It ended up being the ignition coil but I like to attribute the failure to the fact that he was riding it lol. After I got my current bike he kept asking to ride it and I just keep saying no.

So, personally, I don't think it's a good idea. People will mistreat it under the pretense that it isn't theirs, so they don't give a shit.

Just my 2 cents.

Re: Friends riding your bike

I often try to turn people onto mopeds by letting them ride and have already had one pretty serious crash. It's a hard road to travel. Be prepared for complications.

Re: Friends riding your bike

William Johnson /

I let my little bro ride a pa50I several years ago, and he almost wrecked it and his own self. Nowadays the only time people ride mine and fellow friends who also have their own and they are just testing mine out after a mod or if its acting up and I cant figure it out.

Re: Friends riding your bike

If a bike breaks when a friend rides it it means I didn't build it right. If it gets crashed it's just an excuse to build it better.

Re: Friends riding your bike

Probably Fred /

A few years ago a friend of mine wrecked my mint maxi I let him use to ride with me cause his ped was down.

It wasn't his fault cause a Ahole with no license no insurance ran a stop sign.

My friend other then road rash wasn't hurt bad so I chased down the truck called the PO PO and the guy went away in cuffs.

I got doink! no money at all and it cost 200+ bucks to fix and it never rode quite right.

I had other friends and relatives down bikes of mine too but not much damage.

If someone hits and damages a car with your moped you have to pay for damage.

So if you want to be broke and sad let other people ride your bike .

Re: Friends riding your bike

Morale of the story, Charge a weekly rate to cover maintenance and future repairs :P bwa ha ha ha

Re: Friends riding your bike

Take Me Home Kev /

The only people I let ride my peds are very good friends. Like people I consider close family. Other than that. "DON'T TOUCH IT, DON'T EVEN LOOK AT IT!" haha

Re: Friends riding your bike

I' am with Cosmo. No dice unless they are liscenced, the bike is insured, even then unless they too own a moped, be VERY leery of this.

Re: Friends riding your bike

I'll only let friends and family that never rode ride mine up and down the street.

Re: Friends riding your bike


Its nice of you to want to let your boys ride your shit, but mopeds are so cheap tell them all to get one and then you can ride together. start a club...

Re: Friends riding your bike

I'll let anyone ride my bike

i almost rented it out for 15 dollars to a complete stranger

if they crash it whatever

if the break it i'll fix it

but i don't have insurance anyway so i'm not worried about that

typically other drivers are covered if they're not frequent drivers like less than 2 times a month (which really means as long as they can't proove your buddy's on it more than that)

and also as long as they're legally allowed to drive it - appropriate liscences etc for a moped for your state

also if i DONT want people to ride my bike i put a manual trnasmission grip shifter on there and tell them they can't figure it out

finally that is a slammed stock seat, not necessarily from a maxi but they're all real similar, looks like maybe with one of the 1977mopeds' replacement vogue seat covers

Re: Friends riding your bike

NEVER ask me to lend you any of my bikes, the answer will be NO


I will offer to lend a bike to someone I figure is trustworthy.

Re: Friends riding your bike

Rollo Tomassi /

I think there is an age/maturity issue here. If I loaned a moped to a roomate or friend when I was 19, surely there would be fight/damage/theft/cops/money/hospital drama. Probably all if it within a month. Friend's friend's, girlfriend rides it drunk into a parked car at a party. Her mom calls me... something..

I'm about 40 now, and I would loan a ped most any of my friends for a week without thinking too much about it. Lots of these friends I've known since I was 19 too.

ps. My profile DOB is made up

Re: Friends riding your bike

Sums it up for me.

They can come to me for my pre-mix tho', and I can check on it.

Re: Friends riding your bike

Matthew DG /

crap i won't even lend my tools

Re: Friends riding your bike

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Your profile pic is fabulous,

Re: Friends riding your bike

i put about 2 Gs into a bike that was MINT and there wasn't a single scratch on that baby.

took my brother a whole 30 seconds to pin the throttle, chuck him off the back and launch the ped into a brick wall.

and he's blood...

Re: Friends riding your bike

Brandon Compton /

In the words of the great Snoop Doggy Dog...."it ain't no fun if the homies can't get none!"

Just make sure you know how the will treat your stuff first. I just the vast majority of my friends to ride my peds but now random way Jose!

Re: Friends riding your bike

Brandon Compton /

what if i'm both and my friends don't ride my moped much?

Re: Friends riding your bike


if they wreck into a car, the owner will come after you for repair costs

if they hit a child, the parents will sue you for damages

just not a good idea

Re: Friends riding your bike

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

At the rally, I let Jason K (presents: Jason) try to ride the Whizzer. Riding a manually clutched Whizzer is like playing a musical instrument, especially on hills. He tried, but only succeeded in revving the engine to a scary high, chattering RPM, trying to climb a 10% grade. Not his fault at all, the damn things are weird, nothing like a moped. Luckily, my Whizzer's engine was built at the very beginning of their 90s "comeback", under tight quality controls. I've let other locals ride it and they loved it, except for one, whose hatred was so intense, it couldn't even let him try.

My wife, on her first excursion on it, dumped the Express at a walking speed coming down that same driveway. I ran over to her and picked up the bike first, (yeah, I'm a dick) she was fine except for a torn off toenail and some missing flesh on her elbow. The bike only suffered a bent turn signal mount.

Just those two episodes and I, not the riders, could have ruined two bikes. (edited)

Re: Friends riding your bike

Jeremy Calton /

I'd like to see the OP clarify what he means by "let them ride it."

Once around the 'hood to see how cool mopeds are and realise they should buy one? (= yes)

Or ride it whenever? (Hell no.)

Also, never assume your roommate is your friend...

I'd never hesitate to let a friend ride mine because a real friend would make it right if something weird happened. If you're not sure...then they are an acquaintance or a buddy (hopefully not a bro) or something, not a friend.

Just imagine them riding around the corner and coming back with nothing but handlebars. If that doesn't bother you then go for it. Either they are really your friend or it's really just a moped.

Re: Friends riding your bike

Christian Levi /

haha, thanks... That was my starter ride... this was a big move to jump up to a Puch.

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