Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

I've just started my first ever restoration and came in to a problem with the tank and tap- basically its a load of rust!

I've ran fuel through it and drained it out several times to see what solid came out. Did that for a while and not much started to come out. Been trying to get it running- works but has trouble idling and has hardly any power (But thats another problem!) I've taken apart the carb and cleaned to as best as I could but first emptied out the fuel that was sitting in the tank and a lot of crud came out.

So i decided to take off the tank and see what i can do with it. the inside looks pretty bad and the tap is quite seized and i have trouble pulling it up and down. The tap is also very rusty too and I was hoping that I could get some help on what my possibilities are? any help would be greatly received!

Many thanks Adam

Re: Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

It's in france.

The petcock/tap screws to open and close on that one , right.

I have a 1969 AV92 and I think either scootbikeshop or handybikes had mine.

It's an oldie.

Re: Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

Adam Britnell /

Oh really? I've tried twisting my Av44 but it doesn't do much. If I pull mine up the fuel flow is quite low, if i push halfway down, the flow if quite good and if i push the tap further it flow gets worse again.

Is there meant to be a top the the tap, mine just looks like it has a thread for something?

Thanks for the site!

Re: Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

Show a pic....

by the end of the day, some guy name rebelmoby will probably help you out.

Re: Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

Adam Britnell /

It won't let me attach a photo at the moment, I'll try again as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help

Re: Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

Here is some help for your AV44 in the UK

Aplins of Bristol, 395-7 Bath Road, Bristol. Proprietors name is Brian Aplin, no email or website so if you need to talk give him a ring at 0117 977 7376 .

Also a great site with other Mobylette fanatics...

For the AV44, remove the tank from the seat post and remove the petrol tap from the tank. Block all of the holes except the filler and put some parafin or deisel in the tank, add some washers attached to strings so the will be suspended at various heights. Give the petrol tank a vigerous shaking, pour out the fluid and refil with clean and give it another good shaking, continue until you feel the contents pour out clean enough. Keep the old parafin or deisel because it will burn nicely in a heater or makes good general cleaning fluid for greasy bike bits, the rust particles will separate out if let sit.

The petrol tap can be cleaned with parafin or kerosene but if it is beyond it contact Brian or Danny at MopedLand Spares

ALso a good resource is the EACC and the NACC (edited)

Re: Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

SkUG SkUGosarus /

Alpins in bristol is fantastic! Brian knows his onions!

hello from the UK *waves* (edited)

Re: Mobylette Petrol Tank and Tap

Adam Britnell /

Cheers guys very much appreciated and great advice!

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