muffler cleaning

I am thinking of giving the muffler a good cleaning. I looked on wiki and saw the way to clean painted one by throwing it in the fire and of chemical cleaning a chromed one. if I burn a chrome one can't I just paint it? With the rest of the chrome if I decided to just paint it should I do anything special or just scratch it up with sand paper and paint it?

Re: muffler cleaning

Patrick Keaton /

You can burn a chrome muffler, but you have to use high heat paint when painting it.I would try to find high heat chrome alluminum paint, if they make it, and paint only the area needed. If you want to paint all of it, the chrome must be at least sanded smoothly dull before painting it.

Re: muffler cleaning

I've had great results with flat black woodstove paint (aerosol) on regular steel exhaust pipes. On those, I just scour the pipe with steel wool and then paint. My limited experience painting over chrome has been that the paint does not adhere well. So, yeah, whatever surface remains after burning it out, sand it well, or have it sandblasted.

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