General ltd Minarelli v1 info

So i just got a V1 and im interested in what add ons are preferred by most v1 dudes. whats the holy grail of pipes for this guy? what cylinder kit is the best/most reliable? any links or info you can share would be great.

The pipe in the pic is a tomos biturdo that was thrown in a fire brothers fire which made it an awesome color, too bad it roasted the baffle so we had to chop it off and cap it. Diamond dogs special.

It would work on this v1 if the header on the turdo was just a tiny bit smaller. it makes it so the nuts wont tighten down atall. otherwise with a little dremeling the pipe mounts up. sucks for me this woulda made a badass gift since the dogs let me grip it for almost nothing.

general ed.jpg

Re: General ltd Minarelli v1 info

Did you bother doing any research? I know, searching is hard work!

Re: General ltd Minarelli v1 info

but reading hurts!

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