Bearing Cage Disintegration

oh boy, i herd some snaps and clinks, stalled out a few times. and figured i better take a look. Pulled the clutch bell and i see all 8 bearings sitting to one side :( the cage is long gone.

God this sounds dumb, Is it possible to buy a a cage and snap it in?

Any one have a new bearing recommendation that does not have a plastic cage?

Re: Bearing Cage Disintegration

WTF bike was this on ? were they new bearings or stock 30 yr olds ?

Re: Bearing Cage Disintegration

Salsa Salsa /

Haha. Just buy a new bearing and take off the plastic shied.

Re: Bearing Cage Disintegration

New bearings, about 2 years old

Re: Bearing Cage Disintegration

Well you can buy bearings that cost thousands of $ each if you go to a bearing supply shop. Maybe do what maize said.

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