batavus engine swap question

William Johnson /

I recently bought a 77 hs50 which has the m48 engine I believe. So far, I have not had luck finding parts and have also read these engines aren't so good. I thought about doing the hobbit swap but don't know if I want to put in that much work. My question is, are there other engines I could swap in with minimal work and parts?

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fallout Survivor /

check last 60 days , there was a thread about a Tomos A55 or A35 being swapped in that only required fabrication of a mounting bracket.

There was even a guy who said he had a template and might make you one for a fee since he just did it recently.

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

M56, pug

as far as not a good engine, they are one of the simplist, easy to maintian moped engines and now there has been a revoltion and kits are appearing for the lowly M48.

how about a 98cc monster? or a simple 65cc upgrade?

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Kinetic/Vespa/Hobbit ~ Drill one hole in the frame and use spacers to take up the slack.

Tomos ~ Sacrifice a Tomos frame and remove the motormount/swingarm then weld it back on the HS50. Use the tomos rear wheel and swingarm. Tomos forks will also fit with a little work or use K10 forks.

103 is a bit harder because of the frame angle. you would need to weld a mount on that lowers the motor/swingarm combo to get clearance and wheel base correct.

V1 is a straight chain line swap, but you need to make a swingarm or mod a swingarm to fit somehow.

So the easy peasy swap is Kinetic/Vespa/Hobbit. Tomos is probably the better one to use, and 103 or V1 will be the fastest.

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I've heard the Trac mopeds have a bolt-on motor!

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- Summerai - Drew /

= P

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david koch /

If you are going to swap engines a two speed is the way to go. Here is what i did with a tomos engine. The swap only takes a pair of brackets and you only need to drill the upper right hole. All the other parts are stock tomos parts. Stock a3 bottom end with a35 top end and intake with a 1/8'' cyl. spacer to bring the port timing to 162 ex. 120 transfer and a pipe. Pulls to 9300 RPM with 28/22 gearing over 45MPH. I can make you a pair of brackets for the engine and a ex. bracket. here are some pics.


Re: batavus engine swap question

david koch /

More pics.


Re: batavus engine swap question

Nice carb venturi

Re: batavus engine swap question

Tommy Degregorio /

I want this bracket. Do you still make them Koch? If so let me know ill buy a set from you.

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