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Anyone in MD want to fix my motobecane????? It needs to be tuned and timed let me know! lots of $$$$

Re: Moped Master MD

Ha ha ^ this guy

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i saw your post 19 days ago, westminster is an hour away.

baltimore is much closer, besides:

i have very little experience with kitted peds

even less with motobecane engineering,

i doubt i'll be able to help you in any way, honestly.

my thought is, how did you get to where you are at now?

dive off the deep end too fast?

i'm not willing to learn at your expense, sorry

besides, you posted:

"I just want as much info about setting the timing for this engine with the new kit. Can everyone please post as many directions, pictures, and preferably as many videos as possible."

sounds a lot like the wiki, if you ask me.

or you could read here:

Re: Moped Master MD

Bring it to frederick ill hook it up, pm me i guess?

Re: Moped Master MD

from the profile;

"I am pretty new to mopeds, I have been working on them for about two years now. I really enjoy finding ones that need work and fixing them up."

two years you say? fixing them up you say?

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