1976 vespa ciao

ok so im thinking about buying this. it does not have a motor and i was wondering where i can get one and what size? can someone help me ok. thanks

Re: 1976 vespa ciao

first moped? (wiki link)

sums it up much better then i can.

motor's not unobtanium, >$100 figure all said and done.

that being said, buying any non running ped, missing major parts, you had better be getting it super cheap, like under $100.

tl;dr, to sum up the above link:

" Avoid this, suck it up, and pay an extra couple hundred for a running one."

Re: 1976 vespa ciao

jason stefano /

yes it is real cheap 40 bucks. its kinda got everything but the motor. so i dont know what to do or where i can find info on it.

Re: 1976 vespa ciao

Patrick Keaton /

As of 7 days ago, not sure now, Brad Money is/was selling what you need. Go to the BUY+SELL FORUM, and look for the VESPA SALE thread. I just asked how much it was, to bump the thread near the top.

Re: 1976 vespa ciao

for $40, i'd say buy it, good score, worth it in parts usually.

but, keep looking for a mostly complete runner, seriously.

what is your skill level? on a scale of 1 to 10 (i'm a 6 or 7/10)

again, one of my "regrets as a beginner" is not holding out for nicer projects.

if what you're looking at is a rusted turd, it'll never be nice without a ton of money and time invested.

way more then it's worth, prob.

but still a good project you can learn the basics on, dump money into, no hurting it i guess.

my average ped costs <$200,non-running, dump another $200 or so into plus a ton of time.

$50 tires, tubes, $40 cables, $10 chains, $45 motor seals, bearings, gaskets, it adds up fast.

ciao is a frame tank, be very careful to check it's not totally full of rust, perforated.

and get a look at the subframe.

caveat emptor.

Re: 1976 vespa ciao

You should just pass on that Ciao, and ship it to me instead.

Re: 1976 vespa ciao

Brad Cat (LSLB) /

+1 for buying it.

Ive got a parts ciao wit a complete motor, If you do get it..

I paid 45$ for my first ciao. I've got over 600$ into it now though so it definitely can get pricey, and very addicting.

If you want a decent ciao read here's my re-build thread for the bike. I've stopped updating it though.


Ciaos are my favorite peds. Ill probably never own another bike.. Next will a 2-stroke motorcycle.

Re: 1976 vespa ciao

My first moped was a Kamasura...no joke...what a mistake!

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