Tire purchasing question.

I recently purchased a 84' Garelli Monza GT. I need to replace the tires and tubes. The front has a 17"x2.5" and the back has a 17"x2.25". Is there a reason for this (such as rubbing) or did the guy just put what he had at his house on the bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated I want to order this stuff ASAP.

Re: Tire purchasing question.

Probably Fred /

I mean is it that hard to measure to see if your rear tire could be 1/8 bigger on each side (1/8+1/8= 1/4 inch) and not hit the swingarm or something

Re: Tire purchasing question.

Patrick Keaton /

Kevin did not waste any time in selling that. Let me trade you something for your old tires. I am here in Jacksonville. You should have 2 1/2 x 16 front and rear on that. Here is a link to the Garelli Monza GT Owners Manual. http://www.mopedcentral.com/images/GarelliMonzaGTOwnersManual.pdf You may need to download at least an Adobe Reader 6.0 to view it. I use most any condition moped tires, so bald and/or dry rot is, in most cases,is not a problem. Tire are not all the same. One brand may fit, another brand may not fit, even though they are both the same size. If those are not the size, the wheels are not the same size that came on it stock. If you do have 17 inch, they may had to run those sizes because there was not enough room to fit the 2 1/2 inch in that space. Take and reverse the tires to see if the 2 1/2 will fit where the 2 1/4 is at now. To be safe,try to get the same brand as what is on there now.

Re: Tire purchasing question.

Wrap a piece of plasticine around the back tire and roll with your weight on the bike and see if anything under the fenders rips it smaller then the 1/4 inch clearance you need, if not give the fatty a try on the back.

Re: Tire purchasing question.

Travis Cagle /

Thanks everyone for your input. I'm a noob. So much fun it won't stop at the Garelli I'm sure.

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