i got 16mm carb

Trent Stakelin /

what jett should i use

there is a 75 right now i just want right jet.

my bike is tomos targa lx

with bi turbo

16mm carb

Re: i got 16mm carb

i got a mopad

and it's got tires and

18-20 zipties on it

should I upjets or downjetts

K thx by

Re: i got 16mm carb

Probably Fred /

Experiment with 60s, 70s and maybe 80s

Please post what works on the spread sheet

Re: i got 16mm carb


Re: i got 16mm carb

wiki spreadsheet.

Re: i got 16mm carb

im new and can be pretty vague but damn.

Re: i got 16mm carb

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Any chart is just experience of others experiments

EVERY single moped breathes differently dependent on multiple factors, and you MUST check the plug for that nice coffee with cream color or risk running it too lean and blowing it up since the lubrication is mixed with the fuel.

That being said, the chart is just a starting point, you may get lucky, but you have to check. Begin with the jet listed for your particular setup, then run it for 5 minutes at speed, dont let it idle, and check the plug color then adjust accordingly. If too white upjet, if too dark, downjet. there is NO substitute for this procedure

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