TRENT Moped Club

Trent Stakelin /

lets start a TRENT moped club



Re: TRENT Moped Club

Let's not and say we did

Re: TRENT Moped Club

Jumper K. Balls /

As a fellow Trent I gotta say I have never met another Trent I liked. No offense to you two gentlemen, you might be the only other cool Trents in the world but we might end up with a club full of dicks.

Re: TRENT Moped Club

Take Me Home Kev /

I know a Trent. He's a total cock.

Re: TRENT Moped Club

"I'm a cock. I think I'm better than everyone else and i'm never wrong. Every girl wants me and guys wish they were me. I'm a Trent." Print up the t-shirts.

Re: TRENT Moped Club


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