moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

Anyone have suggestions for moped friendly routes along the SoCal coastline? Looking to have a chill moped run with the wife that is safe and scenic and legal. Thanks!

Re: moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

Take Me Home Kev /

The river bike trails are a fun ride...San Gabriel River, Rio Honda, etc. Illegal but Ive never gotten any shit for doing it. Just don't bring a bunch of peeps.

Why do illegal stuff that gives mopeders a bad name?

Tptwo Tptwotwo /

We get enough bad press without doing illegal rides. Take a nice legal northern route Trans Canada highway, staying as far to the right as possible.

Re: moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

Nobody likes a bully. * /

palos verdes f'real

Re: moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

Take Me Home Kev /

We get press? DaFAQ?

Re: moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

PCH but just do it on Sunday morning.

Re: moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

Darrell Gabbard /

any road that has a bike lane is safe just stay off the bike paths, mopeds are not allowed on the paths

Re: moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

BryAn eurism /

Flagrant - Wrote:


> PCH but just do it on Sunday morning.

Depends on where you are along Coast and what time and what Sunday.

There's a Routes page on the wiki, good to look there

Re: moped friendly routes? (SoCal)

A few of us rode from Newport to Dana Point on PCH and it was a super chill ride. Lots of room in the bike lane with majority of the ride having an ocean view. Oh, lots of big hills to bomb!

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