poojoe thought

I think i am going to fix the leak and fix the part the i broke on the tank.. buy new cables and a gas cap and try to save ole Poey the poojoe. I rounded the damn part that goesinto the tank that the fuel valve or petcock actualy screws into.. the damn thing was pretty tight and when i put force onto it.. it just riped out instead of the fuel valve turning and loosening..

I baught a torch outfit a few years ago and I went to home depot after cleaning the frame.. and talking to a guy that was gonna charge 45 bucks to put a one inch brass weld on it...

i got some flux and brass rods.. so mayb eI can fix both areas...I hope so.. I want a ped... I am gonna try buying that 2002 model jenchien knite but would like a ped to use a back up.

Ill let aknow what happens.


Swarm and destroy.. or just quack and zip around like me.

Re: poojoe thought

dood, get that peugeot on Ebay... =] that thing is sweet!

Re: poojoe thought

Duck,i think is a 102

Re: poojoe thought

Recipe for disaster, One welding flame + gas fumes = roast duck.

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