Puch Maxi Tire Help!

Ok after being told a certain tire would fit and it was way too big I'm feeling really burned so help me out here

which tires will fit FOR SURE with the smaller stock rims and smaller stock front fender?

I had old 17x2.25 Sava B4's on there when i bought it but they were long worn out but im inclined to just buy another set since at least i knew they fit.

NOT looking to be told to upgrade rims, fenders, etc. I know i just have no job and no money and i need new tires badly so just tell me what you used and what works.


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Depending on the forks, the tire sizes are 17x2.25 or 17x2. If you took off 17x2.25's, they should fit.

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whats the difference in the forks?

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What tire did you get that didn't fit?

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Michael Dreamboat /

17x2.25 obv fits the front, prev owner had put a 17x2.5 on the back and I can't tell if he shaved some of the sidewall to make it fit or just ran it supertight until the eventual wear made it fit better. 77 puch maxi sport

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Yeah most maxis came with 17x2.00. Most 17x2.25 will fit pretty easy, but 17x2.5 will cause clearance issues with stock swing arm on the rear.

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I bought Michelin M45's 17x2.25's

Sava B4's 17x2.25's were originals on it when i got it but i think B4's are a thinner tire even though they say 2.25

heres a picture of the fork and the tire not clearing it.


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Take the fender off?

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David Fleming /

Maxi's with grey fenders don't fit most 2.25s. Probably because those models also came with 2's as their stock tire size. You will have to take it off or file the fender down where it rubs.

I wouldn't personally trust shaving those fenders though. They aren't made of the strongest material and you want as much as possible so it doesn't snap off while you are ridding.

Re: Puch Maxi Tire Help!

I ended up just getting the larger maxi fender from a friend and it worked out perfectly with room to spare! :D

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