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kevin struthers /

Hi my Honda pa50 ll says 25:1 but people on this forum are saying 50:1 what should i run thanks

Re: gas mix

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

I run 32 : 1

but once in awhile I forgets and run 16 : 1

Re: gas mix

I have always used 25:1 untill this year I switched to 32:1 and it seems to be fine.

Re: gas mix

i run 50:1 amsoil sabre in everything from mopeds to weed eaters. i have tried 70:1 and was to nervous to keep using it that lean on oil.

when honda stated 25:1 they only had dino oil and some people use regular motor oil as a mix

Re: gas mix

--> Jason Kluczyk Presents: Jason Kluczyk /

i use amsoil saber on my hobbits, three of them, kitted, no 90~100:1

Re: gas mix

Amsoil sabre is meant to run 100:1, I use 80:1 on minarilli w/kit and no heat issues. maybe the fan helps but 80:1 should still be fine (this is with Amsoil Sabre only, any thing else and 40:1/50:1)

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