1977 Foxi GT with hole that leaks gas?

My friend was working on my moped today. He put in a new spark plug and cleaned out the carb, but it still runs for only about a hundred yards before it stops then we have to let it sit for a while before we can run it again. It might possibly be bad gas, so we still have yet to empty the tank and put in fresh gas. One thing we ran into is that on the left side of the moped above the pedal, there's a hole that leaks gas. We have no idea why it's there, and we don't know if it's supposed to be there but is just missing a part or not. My friend thinks that someone might have tried to drill a hole in it for some reason, but accidentally hit the tank. Right now, we just partially put a bolt in the hole to stop the leak (hole looks threaded, but we didn't have a bolt with the right thread size).

Anybody know if there's supposed to be a hole there? Or if the hole was made for some sort of a modification? Sorry, I don't have any pictures. I left the moped at his house.

Re: 1977 Foxi GT with hole that leaks gas?

first off, you should read up on how to fix your own bike and not pawn it off on a friend, what if it breaks down while youre going down the road?

anyways.. are you sure its not where the petcock is supposed to go, since you said it looks threaded?

Re: 1977 Foxi GT with hole that leaks gas?

tanks have a very thin wall, if you see a hole with threads this means someone welded in a bung for somthing to screw into. I would just plug it, but it might be some sort of hole to get fuel from the other side of the tank as i have never owned a foxi

Re: 1977 Foxi GT with hole that leaks gas?

I know, which is why I spent a few hours last night going around the forums, youtube, and other various websites about fixing mopeds. I'm still trying to learn more about parts and what they do.

As for the petcock, there's already one directly under the tank. We just have the hole plugged for now so that it doesn't leak any fuel but we're gonna need to find another way to plug it since the plug bolt is currently where the air filter is supposed to be. Oh yeah, my moped didn't come with an air filter when I got it so I need to go out and get one too. (edited)

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