Premix engine oil? Also, 10w40 vs 20w40.

Two quick questions about my Daelim DP50 engine on my Trac Clipper:

Transmission Oil

The manual recommends 20w40, is 10w40 fine? What's the difference?

Engine Oil

The manual indicates that my moped should have a tank under the seat for engine oil, but it's not there. There's a strap that's not holding anything in place, and a fuel line with a screw jammed in the end. I assume this means my moped doesn't use premix fuel? Until I manage to find a tank to store the oil (any recommendations?), can I just premix instead? Attached is a picture of where that hose from the seat goes in to the engine.


Re: Premix engine oil? Also, 10w40 vs 20w40.

Probably Fred /

Premix 50 to one

Re: Premix engine oil? Also, 10w40 vs 20w40.

The difference between 20w40 and 10w40 is the viscosity at low temperature.

I imagine the 10w40 would work just as good for what you need it for.

The line with the red arrow pointing to it connects to the oil pump. The big line that the arrow points to is the input to the pump, there is a smaller hose for the output that connects to the intake near the carburetor. If you plan to run pre-mix it would be best to remove the pump, pull out the drive shaft and either reinstall the pump, or replace it with a little cover to seal off the hole. Then you will need to seal the hole in the intake with a little rubber cap and a hose clamp. Then you can mix 50:1 (2.5oz 2 cycle oil per gallon).

Re: Premix engine oil? Also, 10w40 vs 20w40.

Ethan Soergel /

The drive shaft of the pump? That sounds tricky. If I find a tank with the right sized nozzle, shouldn't that work as a replacement, or is there something I'm missing?

Re: Premix engine oil? Also, 10w40 vs 20w40.

Do not trust the oil pump system. Premix your fuel so there is less chance of a catastrophic failure, when the oil injection fails the only warning you get is when the engine actually seizes.

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