motobcane vlx no spark

Michael Domanski /

cant get spark on my vlx , any ideas, or common solutions?

Re: motobcane vlx no spark

Master switch from hell is being a booger.

Bonding strap broken or not there

Points need cleaning

Condenser is kaput

Spark plug cap is kaput

Replace the old bonding strap with a wire from one of the intake studs to one of the external coil studs.

If you have 2 coil 6/12 genny try connecting the 12v terminal to the backing plate with a small jumper and see if you get spark.

Re: motobcane vlx no spark

♣Slew Foot♣ /

the wire that goes to the condensor (blue) gets caught underneath the coil and grounds out that was my bugger,

hey reb, i wired in the external, mounted it to the old spot where the other condensor was. now my lighting coil seems to be out and no spark.

where did i go wrong? could the bareness of the condensor wire short out the lighting coil? i got the three coil 12v and the blue wire that goes under the points in a pinch set, had slipped out and got pulled outward due to the flywheel rotation.

i had just got it running with two condensors before and it was a little flat at WOT. after your suggestion that they could short to ground, i decided to remove the old one.

thats when i found the stripped section of wire that was arcing to the coil. it was factory fresh so its a weak spot in the design of the stator

if i am lucky i burnt a bulb, if not, i got to start trouble shooting that stator coil. will it run without a headlight or lighting coil? my tail is fine.

Re: motobcane vlx no spark

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

lets see photos of the VLX, i just picked one up a few weeks ago. Love these bikes.

Re: motobcane vlx no spark

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Lesson learned:

do not sweat the petty things, Pet the sweaty things.

when i had disconnected my killswitch, i left the wire and connector intact and it is indistinguishable from the signal wire from the magneeto, both are grey with the same connector. you think they would have marked the kill with a black stripe.

so after re checking every electrical component of the bike and it being fine. i thought just for shits and giggles, i would switch the greys VaRoom.

2 out of three running, and the batavus got all her engine parts here just waiting for the time.

the housing authority failed me for not having my burner inserts spotless on my stove, so they will re inspect me on the 20th. so no baking parts in the oven or turning my apt into a repair shop untill after they do.

i think out of the twenty or so moped models i have owned or driven. the VLX handles better and gives a smooth ride even with foot deep potholes, it is my opinion that all mopeds should have 6" of travel on their shocks and a skid plate.

Mine is actually showroom fresh, it still has the protective plastic on all the decals, both keys on the dealers keyring and it had the title. i really want to give the old man who sold it to me for a hundred bucks my first born child.

i have a theory about the bike i have, i think it was a dealer display model, cause of the misprinted front plate, so they could distinguish it from the others. the old man said he bought it at auction when the place folded in 1980. had 1000 mi. on it. it was put away by the dealer hence the awesome condition of the cylinder, carb, and tank.


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