78 Peugeot 103 CDI conversion question

Jason Summers /

Is the old points on these 78 Peugeot 103's ac. Or is there any ac components. I can't figure out why I can't get the lights to brighten up. All of the 6v coils are all working. Coil 1 is break/tail light, coil 2 is the head light and speedo light, coil 3 is the horn, and the 4th one is the ignition. My lights are dim after driving with the lights not very fare. the ignition fails for about an hour. Then its good. . It will rum all day with the lights off. I put 6v light bulbs in the tail light and the CDI is 6v. Do I need to rewire te whole lighting system? The way the old points on this was you had to break a loop to turn the lights on.

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