1979 Columbia Commuter

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I have a 79 commuter with a sachs engine that could definitely use a bigger carburetor. Running well so far but could use a little extra juice out of it. Currently cruising at about 25-30 mph and I would love some advice as to which carb would best suit my cause.



Re: 1979 Columbia Commuter

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I was looking at a sachs on a columbia 4 days ago..

the intake wraps towards the back... so maybe a custom larger intake goes off sideways and then any larger carb like they do on those puchs and hobbits.

Re: 1979 Columbia Commuter

fallout Survivor /

Go see the wiki and search the archives.

Apparently there are many versions of the sachs with various restrictions built in... you should determine which version of the sachs motor you have first and go from there.


Re: 1979 Columbia Commuter

I made a custom intake but the bolt up at the engine narrows and is square like. A bit of a pain. I am using a pz16 cheap china carb. IT works. I would go spickit next time. I'm cheap mode.

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