Broken Hobbit motor mount?

Was out toolin around, nice sunny evening, all is good in my seperate dimension. The old girl stalled, I pedaled - SNAP - busted motor mount, followed by a 3 mile push home. Shitty pot metal, it's been welded before, I just plain didn't see it. Any ideas on how to beef this up a little more? Is this a common problem with the Hobbit?

Guess I'm gonna have to pull the motor out of my 79 project, making it an even bigger project. Can I scream FUCK here?

Re: Broken Hobbit motor mount?

Totally normal JBOT /

Once it got broken, it must not have been fixed right.

Just get a new case half. If it's on the correct side you can even add electric start!

Re: Broken Hobbit motor mount?

Van Koover /

I gotta lose some weight - no more fat bastard... Any idea where on the face of the earth I might find that elusive bottom half? Thanks for your help!

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