I need some serious help. I took out my Puch for the first time this spring and rode it around. Then I went back to my house and washed it. When I went to start it again it wouldn't start and on about the 5th try a bunch of water came out the exaust pipe! What should I do??!!

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Take off the exhaust, and tip it upside down to drain it. take off the air filter and carb. also remove the spark plug. Keep the engine moving by pedaling for about ten minuted.then leave the bike taken apart for a day to let it dry. put some oil in the cylinder, and also where the carb attaches. rotate the engine. wipe off the excess oil that leake out the exhaust hole and spark plug hole. put it back together and start it with starter fluid.

Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i'll try that. Thanks.

Re: I never wash 'em

If you use a forceful stream of water on a moped, chances are you will get water where it doesn't belong, like inside the airbox, electrical/ignition system, or exhaust.

I use a trickle from the hose and give the whole thing a spot cleaning. On the engine I'll use carb spray on the head where the decompressor valve leaks fuel and collects dirt.

The rest of the bike get cleaned with a sponge, and greasy areas get a shot of AWESOME. This stuff is water soluable and cuts grease.

Since the bike isn't that wet, I'll chamois off the paint and chrome, and let the rest drip dry in the warm California sunhine, or I'll go for a ride.


Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Brown /


Pick up the front of the bike to drain the exhaust. Turn off the gas, remove the pug and if it is wet with water, pedal about a minute. Clean and dry the plug, put it back in, start the ped and go for at least a 15 min drive.


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