stock Moby muffler cap...needed ?

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

Got my 1977 50v running last night thanks to a new SHA. Runs good (possible overheat condenser issue), but it has no cap on the stock cashew exhaust.After I purchased the bike then I noticed the missing cap. Aside from the noise (still not proma loud) is there a problem running it without that cap ? Too lean or too little backpressure ? Will it perform bettet or worse w the cap?

Re: stock Moby muffler cap...needed ?

That should be OMG loud, no? Anyway, yes you need the cap. You will have zero back pressure and that will be completely messed up.

Re: stock Moby muffler cap...needed ?

Mike Piarowski /

I think I have one. I'll give it to you for free if you want it

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