1981 Puch MAXI II

I have a 1981 Puch MAXI II with less than 300 miles that leaks at the fuel on-off-reserve switch. I had it apart and think I lost a gasket or ring from the inside. Where would I find information or a diagram for this switch. I would also like a ballpark figure of the value of this scooter. No damage, like new.

Re: 1981 Puch MAXI II

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

$100 as described without photo to determine objective condition

Re: 1981 Puch MAXI II

Griffin Applicable /

it's a moped not a scooter and just by a new petcock at treatland.tv

Re: 1981 Puch MAXI II

Probably Fred /

About 300.00 and that is if you got the title

Re: 1981 Puch MAXI II

buy a new cock mang

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