Weather: Most Excellent Today

Weather went to shit right after my big trip to the zoo in Rheine (Germany) last week. Rain and then more rain and then "take your chances, it will probably rain". Today is looking pretty sweet. Got at least a short run to the hardware store and a little time weed whacking at the horse stables.

After that I will see how I feel. Probably no long tours today. Think I will focus on taking construction pics around my neighborhood. This German economy is a wonder to behold. Amazing what a productive UNIONIZED working class can accomplish when the greedy hands of the 1% aren't allowed to skim off all the profits from the work product of labor. Kinda like it used to be in the US when I was a kid before Republicans decided they would use a faith based approach to fix what wasn't broken. I would pray things will change, but given the fact that Jeebus has gone incommunicado, that would be as futile an exercise as searching for a compassionate bankster (or Bush's fantasy WMD's).

Now get off my lawn you worthless young whippersnappers.


Re: Weather: Most Excellent Today

^You're welcome.

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