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Heres the deal, basically all of us are done with dim lights, blown lights, lack of vision at night on unlit streets and all that shit, I ride a lot of country roads, no lights, just pitch black, i don't want to end up like my buddy that hit a deer on his ped at 45mph so i've been working on a few lighting techniques. Currently I have a kitted E50 with the treats 12v 50 (or 55) watt cdi, a blue tent suv halogen fog light and a LED tail light i got at napa, specs on headlight at 12.8v 55w, specs on tail is a 16 led bulb designed for 12v systems, before this headlight i was running a standard 12v 27w 1157? or 1156 single filament bulb, same led tail, voltage regulator, all was fine tail light was bright and visible even in the daylight, headlight just wasn't doing it for me though. so now i have this halogen and it's great, super bright but i want brighter... enough with this though, time for the questions..

(1) Do you NEED a regulator in order to run an led tail light?

(2) Is it possible for the lighting coil to produce more that 12v 55w of power at higher rpm?

(3) If i put in a 12.8v 100w H3 halogen and run my LED tail straight from the stator with no regulator will it blow?

I tried wiring the H3 directly to the coil, no reg, no tail, and it was BRIGHT, then i had an idea to take the one wire from the stator, split it to two, run one to head and the other to reg then to tail from reg, in my head i figured it would just regulate the tail but not the headlight but after doing so, i thought it may still regulate the headlight because the wires are just split jumping into two. the main question i NEED answered is can you run an LED with no regulator and not blow it. Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to legit, helpful replies.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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