Just moved to Orlando

Hey MA, I just moved to the Orlando area, my POD comes today and I finally get my mopeds back. I have been here for about a week with no peds. I was wondering whats up with the bicycle lanes? Can you ride mopeds in those lanes? My friend says you can but I haven't seen any peds in them. How is security around the area? I have locks for them but was wondering how paranoid I have to be with them? I used to live in Connecticut and would lock them up all the time.

Last one, where do folks ride around here? I am close to UCF campus, if anyone is down hit me up.


Aaron K.

Re: Just moved to Orlando

Welcome to Orlando!

Myself and a few others live in the UCF area and theres a bunch of riders in the downtown/winter park area.

I dont really know about the bike lanes, I try to stick to backroads under 45mph where I can ride in the street. I would recommend staying off 50 and alafaya as ppl are reckless and theres a bunch of lane changing, texting motherfuckers and the 45 mph speed limit means nothing.

as for locking up the bikes, I would! or keep them inside if you can. I know of ppl getting their locks cut and peds stolen :(

Join the Orlando moped riders group to hear about upcoming rides. There are plans for a rally in October I believe. And let me know when you get your peds... we need to get our ucf area #s up, theres only a handful of us

Re: Just moved to Orlando

Rad, thanks for the info, I have noticed on a couple of the main roads like university and alafaya. They are kind of a mess and most folks aren't the best drives.

Sounds good, I am stoked to be in an area that is so flat, Ct was great but a ton of elevation.

I am counting down the hours until my POD gets here, they are like the cable company 12:30-3:30 window. I am down to ride with the UCF crew, I will let you know. Thanks again for all the information, I really appreciate it.

Re: Just moved to Orlando

Michael Dreamboat /

I believe FL DMV site says you can use bike lanes as long as there are no bikers in them.

Re: Just moved to Orlando

Michael Dreamboat /

Comment: Since roadway positioning rules for mopeds are the same as those for bicycles, and Florida traffic laws do not provide an exception where bicycle lanes are present, moped operators traveling more slowly than other motor traffic on a street typically ride in bicycle lanes, where provided. However, per definition of "moped" (s. 316.003(77), F.S.), the motor of a moped cannot propel it faster than 30 mph on level ground.

Re: Just moved to Orlando

Thanks MD, I have been waiting to look at the DMV website, Brighthouse is suppose to be coming by this morning to hook up my internet.

Thanks again

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