Puegeot 103 variator sparking

is normal? at full variation there's something rubbing behind clutch bell.

last time i put it together, the inside plastic washer with the two tangs gave me trouble because i think i tweeked the collar bending the lock washer, but it's also working the best thus far and doesent stick at all, so should i put some miles on it, or rebuild it all over again.

maybe it's normal, i dunno not alot of action, just a few faint sparks at WOT between the case and bell, just put in crank seal too.

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

how would it spark? there's nothing back there and the bell doesn't spin...me thinks you may not have it fully seated on the arm and the sparks you're seeing are not good...

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

You have it assembled incorrectly.

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

you mean orange sparks?

that's grinding shit off and totally not okay and you're fucked til its fixt.

or was it blue sparks?

like electrical? that would mean your ground between the frame and motor is weak sauce, so ground the motor to the frame

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

orange sparks

the bell moves with the crankshaft, btw.

from my mind it's assembled

crank>seal>Sealcover>doubleDwasher>bell>shim>clutchpad>clutchtangspring>clutchpate>3 out of 6 balls>ballcage>grooved Shim facing DoubleD>Variator

now on my variator, i removed the Weights and bolted down two M8 Nuts and a m4 washer on Each Rocker arm, seems to make a very positive difference in acceleration, but i feel i could loose even more weight.

what Direction is the Double D Washer supposed to face, i remember on side is a little more rounded and i think its flat against the bell, rounded against the seal.

im running a stock cylinder, Exhaust raised 2mm, tomos reeds, and i modified a 14:12 SHA into a cable Choke onto a stock intake, i also have bolted on high compression Head Mars Turned. running 53 mainjet, but it wants a 54-56 i think. and the ignition coils have been swapped out for Puch/bosch, timing @ 1.8 BDC

clutch slips well, and i running that superwide belt meant for the fox.

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

double d?

is the semi-think washer that is crank shaped on the crank before the bell?

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

semi think?

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

THICK!!! hahah im tripping

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

^ That's some funny shit will!

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

Aeron Jackson /

I bet its rubbing against the bolts that hold the cases together. The heads of the bolts should be on the side of the clutch bell and there is a washer that is the double "d" type that goes on the crank before the clutch bell. Ensure its there.

Re: Puegeot 103 variator sparking

yep. figured it out last night, then i think i blew the head gasket, this moped was so fucked up by a 14 year old.

finally getting somewhere but relentlessly finding wrong

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