2001 Tomos Sprint horn

Jared Morrison /


I have a 2001 Tomos Sprint and the horn is pathetic. Are the horns on the current models any better, and would they be easily swapped into my moped?

I drive in the city (NYC) and the current horn does nothing to stop pedestrians from ignoring that I'm actually driving a motor vehicle capable of hurting them when they cross a giants the light.




Re: 2001 Tomos Sprint horn

nope, only real way around it is a gas powered air horn... one of those can ones

otherwise you need a battery and a bigger 12v coil

Re: 2001 Tomos Sprint horn

^ a battery might be needed, but you could use a small cheap one, solely for the horn.

i have a streetmateR horn, it was loud!

gimmi 20 and ill ship it.

steven@mopedarmy.com <paypals

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