Ride safe everybody

John Warren IhazJawas /

A lot of rally's this summer just thought i would PSA everyone

Hand signal wiki

of course i got turn signals so i don't need this but it helps

Re: Ride safe everybody

Re: Ride safe everybody

Hand signals are good to know, except a lot of people dont know the right turn hand signal so usually it is better to point with your right hand.

Re: Ride safe everybody

Good stuff! RobK is the man when it comes to safety briefings.

Re: Ride safe everybody

Probably Fred /

I like "time for a pit stop" it's funny

Re: Ride safe everybody

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

Uh-oh....my left turn signal looks too much like a hazard signal. I gotta work on that and get it up.

Re: Ride safe everybody

Most of the time when I'm signaling for a right turn people think I'm waving to them. When I'm on my bicycle I point with my right hand, but that's easier said than done on a moped since your throttle is on the right side.

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