Stolen 1980 Silver Bullets

In Tulsa, Oklahoma. One is complete and is stock. The other isn't and doesn't have side covers and has a messed up seat. It also has a de-restriced exhaust so it would be louder. I'll put up pictures from the guy who sold them to me a while back. They are exactly current but they look about the same.

I had my Sachs in the middle of those two but they didn't bother with it. At least I still have her. I would appreciate it if you guys would look out for these mopeds. Thank you in advance.


Re: Stolen 1980 Silver Bullets

Also, the one that isn't complete doesn't have any lights any more and won't have it's banjo bolt either because I had recently taken it off. The one that is complete has a broken turn on the rear.


Re: Stolen 1980 Silver Bullets

hope you find them man :(

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