hey dougD, ike and ree

chuck russo va /

does anyone have a tomos a35 motor that they can sell me?

the seal to the sproket shaft is toast and its flinging tranny fluid all over the place, my local moped shop told me its not worth fixing it

Whoa, not so fast.

Reeperette /

Yer local moped shop is full of it.

It just ain't easy, is all...it can be done, tho.

It's cheaper to fix it than buy a new engine, fer sure......

They just don't wanna hafta totally dismantle the trans is all.


Re: Whoa, not so fast.

Hey Chuck, If I remember correctly to replace the bearing you have to split the case, on replacing just the seal pull the front sprocket off to get to it,(not positive on just seal) did you make sure the big nut on the sprocket wasn`t loose? I only have 2 good A-35 engines left and have frames to put them on. I offered befor to help you out, and would treat you right. Doug D. PS> I can look tommorrow to see which way the seal comes out.

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