Fred" V8 on mongoose

As close as i'll get. i can build up the RPM's with the right vodka mix. if i mix to much the front end will start to wobble at any speed


Re: Fred" V8 on mongoose

HAHAHA, had me going there for a sec, good one :P

Trac Man

Re: Fred" V8 on mongoose

DOH !... I coulda had a V8 !

bahahaha...... ; )

I got a grin as I was reading your explanation... I got the feeling that my leg was being pulled.

Here is the link to the crazy guy with the 125cc "bicycle" if you didn't already see it.

Re: Fred" V8 on mongoose

1st response "dude you best be carefull with so much raw power"

2nd response "I wonder if the bike will ride at a slant (commercials), or if it will just pop wheelies on hills"

Re: Fred" V8 on mongoose

That's really funny,Dan!I guess it's April fool's on me this A.M.!LOL!!

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